19 Brindley Close
                    Oxford OX2 6XN
                    01865 552731

                    Bill Manville Associates

                    We are a software development consultancy based in Oxford, England, founded by Bill Manville in 1993.

                    Application Development

                    We specialise in the development of bespoke application software using the power of Microsoft Office, harnessed using Visual Basic for Applications:

                    • Microsoft Excel
                    • Microsoft Access
                    • Microsoft Word
                    • Microsoft Powerpoint
                    • Microsoft Outlook
                    • Microsoft SQL Server

                    Consultancy and AdviceMicrosoft MVP logo

                    We are happy to provide consultancy and advice to others who want to achieve similar results.

                    In 1995 Bill Manville was the first person in Europe to be designated a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for the advice he had given to other users of Excel on Compuserve and Microsoft Answers forums. He was re-awarded MVP status every year from then until 2018.


                    We have developed various utility programs in Microsoft Excel which are available for free download. They include programs to detect and manage links between Excel workbooks.